The feminine morphology: How to change your outfits!

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Everyday, when a client comes to his Atelier in the center of Valencia, Alejandro Resta meets a new body. There are different types of morphology to dress a customer and Alejandro is the first thing that takes into account to design your dream dress.

He defines 5 main types of morphology:

  1. Hourglass: That is, with chest and hip but little waist. This type of silhouette needs a type of dress that remarks its feminine forms. That’s why a woman with an hourglass morphology will focus on mermaid dresses or tight dresses. The idea is to emphasize the narrow waist. With this silhouette, you can also wear a wider garment and mark the waist with a belt.
  2. Rectangle: Alejandro Resta defines that type of body as the most difficult found in the atelier. The rectangular silhouette, almost does not have waist, the measures do not allow accentuating it. In this case, the designer creates an optical illusion of a narrower waist with a design that visually defines a silhouette with curves in their dresses. Through textured fabrics, lace, colors or / and accessories like a belt. For daily clothing, Alejandro Resta advises women with a right morphology to play with colors and shapes. For example, wearing a tight white shirt with a dark colored jacket creates the effect of a narrow waist.
  3. Triangle: This type of body is characterized by narrow shoulder width and a lot of hip. To dress a triangle-type woman, Alejandro Resta, creates optical effects, volumes at the level of the shoulders and chest, to compensate for the bum and the hip. According to the designer, we can create wider in another way, such as carrying “a word of honor” or putting braces, collars and necklaces.
  4. Inverted triangle: This silhouette, as indicated by its name, is all the reverse of the triangular silhouette. In the case of the inverted triangle, the width of the shoulders is more important than that of the hip. Alejandro Resta advises women who have this type of body, disguise the shoulders putting things on and wearing a monochromatic dress. They have to avoid “carrying a word of honor because it highlights the shoulders”. The idea is to cover the shoulders or try to make them look smaller. That’s why you should play with the volumes creating the maximum possible volume or use the “évasé” flared technique from the waist can be the solution.
  5. Oval: This body is usually produced by having muscle mass and fat accumulated in the stomach and upper body. The shoulders, abdomen, waist and hips form the appearance of a circle. For this type of morphology, Alejandro advises wearing a monochromatic dress or a lace dress, it can create an optical effect that gives the illusion of a slimmer body and a narrower waist.

On May 5, 2018, Alejandro Resta presented at the The Westin Valencia workshop “Change your Outfits” in collaboration with Beauty School by Telva. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us with a message to WhatsApp +(34)665 391 262, Facebook or Instagram.