Alejandro Resta will present, exclusively, his Azaleas collection during the 7th Valencia Gala Hairdressers, Fashion and Beauty


On 30th June at L´Umbracle’s Terrace will host at the 7th Valencia Gala Hairdressers, Fashion, and Beauty organized by the program “Corte y Color” (Cut & Color) and sponsored by the hair health firm Careprof.

The event will bring together, as every year, important Valencian stylists who will show new haircuts, hairstyles, and makeup so that the visitors can discover the latest trends.

Around 20 exhibitors will take part in the event. Among them, barbers will offer the most avant-garde haircuts to answer to this trend which has increasingly followers.

The highlight of this Gala will be made by Alejandro Resta, one of the most successful Spanish designer at the moment. He will present, exclusively, the Azaleas collection in a very artistic way. For the runway, he asked his friend and famous French hairdressers, BrunoBarbeyrol, to collaborate with him. The models will wear his Haute Couture dresses fused with the hairstylist’s creations.

For the 7th Gala still the amazing venue L´Umbracle’s Terrace, forest outdoor within the City of Arts and Sciences.

The show is a real tribute to the Spanish hairdressing, fashion and beauty in a unique place which inspire to become a reference for these industries.